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For Sale:
Mint Condition Sennheiser HD650 Headphones - Shipping and Paypal Included!

Will Ship To: USA

I have been on a mission to find my favorite headphones over the past few months. This journey started with the Hifiman HE-400, and then moved on to the HD650, LCD-2.2, HD800, HE-500, and now the LCD-3. After hearing the LCD-3, I can safely say that my mission is at its end. 


Therefore, these HD650 headphones are up for sale. I bought these in mint condition from a fellow head-fier just a few weeks ago. I listened to them for less than 2 hours. While they do not compete very well with the LCD-3's, they do sound fantastic, especially considering they are 1/5 the price. They also happen to be the most comfortable of all of the headphones I have tried, and by a considerable margin (except the HD800's, which were close). They also have a darker signature than the other Sennheiser's I have tried, and I MUCH prefer these over the HD800's, which had incredible clarity and soundstage - but were so bright that my ears physically hurt from listening to them.


These are being sold in mint condition without a single scratch or mark on them. They include the original box, manual, and cables,


I have 100% positive feedback here on Head-Fi, but for more feedback my eBay user ID is aresworeaviators - where I have nearly 200 feedback, and 100% positive.


I am asking $OLD for these, including shipping and paypal fees!

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