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Greetings. Been lurking here for years and have used this site to buy many headphones and amps for my self and family. With my limited knowledge, I never thought I would be of much use here. However, I do need some help as I cannot find any direct comparisons for these portable speakers.


I got the X-mini II's for Xmas and really can't stand them. I tried to keep them if they sounded OK, but to my taste they fall short. Looking for a minor upgrade in the $30 range per speaker. I made a custom 3.5mm splitter with one side going to left, and one side going to right, so I would like two speakers for true stereo. Don't need Bluetooth or speakerphone. Just need the best sound. I will be using these about once a week (or every other week or even once a month) for a couple hours, so I just don't feel like spending more for this.


What's better between the Oontz Curve, the Nakamichi BT05, or the Philips SoundShooter? Will the Oontz Angle be a big leap forward as it is only about $8 over budget. Since I don't need BT, will there be better options? I have heard the SoundShooters, and they sound just about acceptable for my needs and are only like $18 ea. on Amazon.  However, if anyone here thinks of one single  boombox type speaker that will be better, I am all ears. Heck, I am all ears for any advice. Mahalo nui.