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What do people like for their favorite IEM < $40 that meet this criteria?


1.  Mids that aren't too subdued  

2.  Punchy bass but not overwhelming (The VSonic GR02's were WAYYYY too bassy for me)

3.  Want good isolation.  (The M9 dual flange tips were great).


Of the JVC Marshmallows, Meelectronics M9P, and GR02's, I'd probably say the Meelectronics were my favorite, but the mids/vocals felt muffled in a lot of songs.


Ideally I guess I'd say I want something with a very slight/shallow "V" curve, but mostly neutral.  Just enough extra pop in the bass and highs to make them sound interesting, but not overwhelming.


I'm considering: 


Philips 3580


Brainwavz M1

Soundmagic E10


Anything else?