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For Sale: FS: Stein C2 Harmonizer and Blue Stars

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For Sale:
FS: Stein C2 Harmonizer and Blue Stars

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Developed by Holger Stein of Stein Music in Germany.


This is a perfect setup for a smaller home audio setup, car or van.

It improves the acoustics and musical performance of an audio system.  Somehow enlarges the soundstage while enhancing richness and warmth that is already in a system.  


- I have NO idea how it works, but it does.  Worked perfectly well in a smaller home system and in my wife's car!

- There is an intensity adjustment knob on the 12volt adapter that fits into the cigarette lighter.  You can listen and adjust the intensity of the effect which is VERY obvious.

- In addition, I am including the AC to DC adapter I used to adapt the 12volt adapter for use on an AC home outlet. 
- Included are 7 Blue Stars that enhance the effect of the C2 Harmonizer.  These are more potent and effective stars compared to Black and Black+ stars.
- Also including some of the sticky putty which is black...very discrete :)
- I use the large 4 cube Harmonizer setup in my listening room and I have dismantled my second setup which I was using with this smaller Harmonizer setup.  These things really work!


How to Use:

- Open air headphone users, take heed!  This is one helluva sound enhancement for Sennheisers, AKG 1000, Beyers Dynamics, Audeze etc.

- In the car, put 3 stars on the front dash where the wind shield meets the dash (left corner, center, right corner).  Put two stars on the roof (one towards the front, one towards the rear of the car).  Then put 2 stars on the back rear corners of the rear glass where it meets the headrest area.
- In the home setup, do the same thing.  2 ontop of the speakers, one towards the center of the room, two on the side walls near first reflection points and two in the rear corners.  I put all at the same height as the speakers.




Here is the Stein Music price sheet:


- I paid $600 for the C2 Harmonizer and each Blue Star is $185.  Total price paid for this setup is $1895.  I will sell it for $975 including shipping and paypal in CONUSA.


My Head-fi Feedback is in my Signature link.  Thanks!

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