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I'm looking for a step up from Iphone standard earbuds as big as possible, for a budget maximum of about 55 euros. I have spent many hours researching, but there is one problem: I am tied to this one, Dutch website:

This is due to a gift certificate I can only redeem there.. I know, it's kind of lame to be constricted by that; however, since I would really like to put the gift money towards a new set of inears, I will have to choose from the above offerings.

What am I looking for? I am looking for something with a slight bass emphasis, but not 'basshead' stuff. Some bassweight combined with wideness of sound and clarity would be the ultimate. Which option for this price might give me the best compromise? I am mainly listening to jazz, funk, non-overly-compressed music, as well as Radiohead, Sigur Ros, and Trentemoller or other EDM.

I hope you can help my search somewhat!

Options I've been considering: AKG 350, JBL-J33