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cd players might change the audio quality ?

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i know different players will make the audio sound different.

if im listening by connecting headphones to stereo system, will it damage the audio quality ?



better audio card (in pc)will increase the music quality my pc will produce when using speakers/headphones ?

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Different CD players don't necessarily make audio sound different. If you connect two different CD players to an audio receiver using digital, then you would be using the receiver's built in DAC and they would likely sound the same.
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If you're using the analog output of the CDP's then chances are they will sound different. I posted these in other threads but here's a few diagrams of the soundstage of some CDPs (and also DACs, since the only real difference is the transport and SPDIF/USB transmission) I got to try before, plus some text on the tonal qualities. Triangles are vocals, rectangles are guitars, and circles are the drums (including cymbals but I didn't make them distinct; bass drum is large oval).



Fig. I : generally this is what the Marantz CD5004 and NAD C545 soundstage look like - drums go all around the head, bass drum near the vocalist. Sound was a touch too warm for me; drums had impact but sounded too deep, like somebody stuffed pillows inside them all. Other gears used were the Burson Soloist, Meier Cantate.2, and Sennheiser HD600.


Superpro 707 DAC : unnatural drum placement is not this severe, but still a bit too loud over the other instruments and not behind them



Fig. II : This is basically what my Cantate.2 sounds like using its "cheap" USB DAC. Soundstage looks small, but everything in a "proper" location relative to each other. Sound is a bit more balanced but I wouldn't mind a little bit more bottom end and treble extension; most sources tend to go overboard on the bass though.



Rega Apollo : Soundstage close to Fig II but wider, but tonally too warm, dark even.

Arcam CD72 : Similar to Fig II but wider everywhere, but easier to pin point sound sources also; drum hits were more authoritative/punchy but not necessarily that much louder


Cayin CDT-50 : Similar to Fig II but wider by a little bit; pin point sources are better than USB DAC but not as good as Arcam; tonally the midrange and treble (female vocals) are noticeably "sweeter" where the Arcam sounds "dry" by comparison (if I hadn't listened to the Cayin I wouldn't really think of it as dry-sounding)

Cayin CDT-23 : Similar soundstage to CD72 in size, but not as much in terms of pin point accuracy; very powerful "live" sound - difficult to describe but if you listen to "big" or "epic" compositions like classical music, symphonic metal, etc it gives an impression of the performance stage being "huge," like there's a wall of sound  (not the same as when Grados are throwing everything on stage at you on symphonic and power metal)


HRT iStreamer : Similar soundstage to USB DAC but a little bigger, not as large as CDT-50; tonally like a lower-cost version of CDT-23 with less pin-point accuracy (but overall great value for money in my book)

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