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NEEDED HELP!! : Hz and khz frequencies with high gain distorted sounds

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Ok i been trying to find the proper headphones for practicing on my guitar. When you read other forums threads on this topic people start talking about listening to music and sound quality as per hz and khz frequencies and quality of the manufacturers product, wich is not what I am looking for answers to. I want to know about one specific instrument and I have a theory wich i would like to know if I am close in my way of thinkin and understanding of the whole concept, or if all the research I been doing to understand frequencies and distorted tones overlapping in higher frequencies would have been a waste of time when I could have just started my own thread in the first place. now I don't want to get into the quality of the headphones, manufacture or the equipment right away. I'm looking to determine if the hypothesis of have come up with about these frequencies and the SCIENCE behind them.

Now, I have been going through headphones like crazy trying to find the right ones for my guitar amp with heavy distortion. Every set of headphones has to high of a frequency and the signature tone of the distortion effect (per manufacturer and model of the pedal ) gets lost and it sounds staticy/papery/ripping like at to high of a pitch. And then it all sounds the same and I lose the sound of each note at a level of volume that I can actually begin to hear the low end frequencies coming through, but just as the low end becomes audible, the high end becomes too overwhelming the more I raise the volume. But at lower volumes the sound has zero low end but maintains the pitch of the high end and also seems to lack mid range. What I want to know is if I get a set of headphones that go to a very low khz frequency would that help. My theory is based on something a red about low end frequencies takin some higher end frequencies out and making them inaudible. Now by reading this and understanding that distortion is multiple high end frequencies overlapping eachother, would headphones with lower kHz kind of even this out a bit since the low inaudible frequencies that are felt and not heard are said to be able to eliminate some of this overlapping high end frequency, would it make a decent low end sound with a bearable amount of high end at a decent volume with minimal loss of tone/note quality and less "roll off" at various volume levels? Please don't mention any thing about noise cancelation devices I'm looking for just the "working nature" of the khz frequencies and how they, the different frequencies, affect one another. And keep in mind that I am talkin about the frequencies have high gain distortion affecting them as well.
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Low frequencies don't affect high frequencies.


Masking occurs between frequencies that are close to each other.


Your post is hard to understand, can you collect your thoughts and make it succint?

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My thought are collected. I'm just not good at explaining science and stuff. And secondly, I'll Google succinct to see what it means and find out if i should be offended or not. Lol.

K what I understood from what I read was that lower inaudible frequencies are the ones that cut other frequencies out or mask as you put it. Now when I plug my head phones into my amp, the higher frequencies from my distortion pedal are like unbearable. It's like someone scratching their nails down a chalk board kinda unbearable when i turn the volume up to where i can start hearing the bass or lower frequencies starting to come through the head phones. There is way too much treble. But if i turn it to a level where the high frequencies don't bother me can't hear the bass at all. And distortion is high end frequencies overlapping each other? Right? So I was wondering if I found some head phones that were super low frequency if those lower frequencies that mask other ones would help with kinda dampening the high frequencies that hurt my ears so i can maintain a volume that both the bass and the treble can be heard with out ruining the tone of the guitar notes cause it's so high pitched I can't tell the difference between each note I play. So in other words what kind of headphones and what frequencies should I look for when I'm buying headphones for my guitar and amp that won't completely ruin the sound and maintain a even amount of lows, mids and highs when my distortion is turned on.

And one thing that doesn't make sense to me from what you said was that frequencies that are close together mask eachother. If you can't hear these low frequencies how can you tell if they are masking if they only mask frequencies close to there range.

I read a lot of this stuff and it didn't make sense. Just like how you read mine and the way I explained it didn't make sense to you. So can you maybe jumble your thoughts up a bit? Lol. Dumb it down a bit. It aren't easy fer me ta undastayund them thar city werds.
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