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Custom IEM vs DIY IEM vs InEar + putty vs InEar only?

Poll Results: What should I get within a $200-250 budget (please read first post before choosing)

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    Shure SE215
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    Shure SE215 (shelled)
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    VSonic GR07 Bass Edition
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    JVC HA-FXT90
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    VSonic GR07 Bass Edition with some putty around it?
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    DIY a Custom InEar Monitor? (with hollow shell, acrylic resin, UV lamp, and all that fuzz)
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Hi all,


this is my first thread at this forum, but I´ve been here now and then the last couple of years, though last week or two I almost moved in! :P


The thing is, Im a musician, I like good quality, though Im not an Audiophile, but of course wouldn't matter to become one in the future.


I play the guitar in the style of: Satriani, Vai, Petrucci, Gambale, etc..  (or better said, I have played rhythm for 20 years, and 1 year soloing, so.. Im not that good yet) ;)


I do listen to almost everything, besides Black Metal (even being from Norway, and having Dimmu Borgir, Satyricon in this country). I really prefer enjoy good quality Rock (Classic, Prog-Rock, Post Hardcore, Metalcore), Jazz, Fusion, Pop, Classical, etc... So a well rounded sound would be preferred, though with a tiny touch of bass.


I own a Sennheiser HD280 Pro, and are pretty much happy with its sound!.. I do use it 6-8 hours a day! (at home), and they are still great. But Im not going outside with them :P



Outside I have just used the old crappy ones that came with my Sony Ericsson k750i, and then those with the iPhone 4... hated them every second, but they have been better than nothing.


Now its time to buy some more serious buds, and my quest in here and headphonelist has narrowed my search to this models:


Shure SE215, VSonic GR07 Bass Edition or JVC HA-FXT90   not just for beeing quite good at sound (as I read) but also cause I can use them in bed (being flush to the ear), well the JVC maybe wouldn't work as well, but the VSonic will work nice, and the  Shure  seems to be the best for this.



Now of course I want some CIEM!... who don't? :P   but I can't throw/invest that kind of money right now. but new ideas have bit my curiosity! ;)


I see an option to buying the SE215 shelled, for $229, while the normal one is about $105., the VSonic is $179, and the JVC  $85-90


The Shure has great outside sound isolation, but the VSonic not so great.. so what about using putty mold?  I thought to put a bit of this silicone putty in my ear first, then put the Vsonic or other, and then keep adding the putty, until I get a nice looking "shell" (well you got the idea). (then just making the hole in the putty to the sound exit of the in-ear, or maybe putting a tube before hand, so it won't be closed.


Anyone ever tried this?.. can't see anything on exactly this on this forums.  What I have seen and thats of course also an option, is to put first the iem, and then putty over it, sealing it around and in the outside.



Or should I just get a iem and forget about all of this? :P




Let me know!  my budget is low, but lets say somewhere between $200-250


also, for about that price or a bit more, I could buy the electronics and make my own CIEM!!.. but I have never done anything like it, but maybe would be fun?... anyone made the one in this instructable? -  http://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-In-Ear-Monitors/




Thanks and sorry for long email, but this is the best I explain me.. English is not my first or second language. :P




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A little bump, cause being my first message it took over 7 hours (or something) to get approved, and then it had fallen into the forums second page, and still going down frown.gif
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One more Bump!  the last one, if I don't get any responses.. :(



btw.. is it too long of a first post? I thought I had to explain correctly all that can make a difference, and also say what I already found out, etc...


Im open to other suggestions as well, but I believe I´ve narrowed pretty much my options accordingly to somewhat what Im looking for.


Yamaha EPH-100, Dunu DN-1000 and others, have been in there too, but they went out by their sound characteristics.



Ok, I guess, I leave it to all of you!, lets see if I get at least 1 reply!

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Well, after so many of you writing here to help...


I decided to buy the GR07 classic edition (the latest addition to the GR family), with it, it comes bundled the GR06, for the nifty total of $144 usd. and also did get the Dunu DN-12 Trident. (from Lendmeurears at ebay, after some emailing with LMUE owner, fantastic service)


why so many?,  the idea is to keep two, the gr07 and one more, the other will go to a family member. (most probably the Dunu), but, I will have a listen to all.


Will also use on GR (the 06?), with some putty around, to enclose it (well, kind of).  then the 07 will most probably get shelled!.. I have the idea of making a hollow shell with some clear epoxy resin (uv), and try to install inside the 07... if it happens to not fit, well, then I guess I will buy the electronics for making me a 3 driver ciem), and depending on the resulting sound, I will endup selling the gr06.



but hey... just to upgrade this fantastic thread with so many welcomes, positive feedback, help, etc...

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