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For Sale:
(SOLD) Sennheiser HD 580/HD 600/HD 650 Parts (Drivers, Pad Mounts, Cardas Cable)

Will Ship To: Continental US Only

I only needed some parts from this broken pair of headphones, selling the unneeded parts.

  1. Sennheiser HD 580/HD 600 Drivers & Ear Pad Mount Rings - 2 Drivers from an HD 600, one driver plays music fine when I hook it up, the other one only plays music sometimes. Could be springs or voice coil from what I've read. Includes the ear pad mounting rings so you could glue some Shure Velour Pads on them or something. Sold As-Is, Asking $30 OBO Shipping and PayPal fees included.
  2. Cardas 10ft cable for Sennheiser HD 580/HD 600/HD 650 - Good cable, but the left connector kicked the bucket. Good for somebody with DIY/Solder skills. The kit for this cable is like $150! Sold As-Is, Asking $60 OBO Shipping and PayPal fees included.


I had to refund the last seller because he was in Canada. I will only ship to the Continental US unless you want to pay $10-$15 extra for shipping.

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