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I'm a studen t interested in 3D art and, more recently, headphones :). I Had an idea for a rather odd design which would use a wooden style housing with a diamond style inlay pattern by combining spruce and African blackwood. After a bit of thought I decided that it would be best to prototype the idea before spending a ton of time trying to build it. I'm better with 3dBlender than I am with a lathe so I started working on a sketchup of the HD681's using a set of measurements I took with an old scale ruler I have handy. I've included the first render which took about an hour or two to arrange and I'll be posting more soon. I'm currently working on shaping the headband, from there I'll begin working on getting the materials mapped out, sculpting the pads, and finally picking a reasonable background. new members can't post pictures so I'll post a link instead.