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DT 880 removable cable mod

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Hey head-fi. Unfortunately, the title of this thread may be misleading, as I have not yet done this mod. In fact, I am looking for help. A lot of it. I would like to make a dual entry removable cable for my dt 880's, with a cable that locks in (mini xlr?). It does not need to be balanced. Due to lack of experience, I would appreciate any answers from the pro's: 

1. Seeing as it is not balanced, would I still go with mini xlr's? Is there a better alternative? For example, I found this on moon audio. Using this jack, I could literally plug any 1/4 inch cable into it and play away. The problem is, I cannot imagine how to plug the two separate cable together. Thoughts? http://www.moon-audio.com/neutrik-1-4-female-panel-locking-jack.html

2. Suggested cable material? I don't know how much of a difference the cable material would make. If I do have to make a custom cable (if the neutrik one I gave the link to up top does not work), what cable material is ideal for someone on a budget? 

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I'm doing something similar for my dt770 pros except I'm going for single entry detachable via 4pin mini xlr jack. I don't intend on going balanced but I figured that if I'm going to rewire the internals anyways, just go ahead and do it. That way you can go balanced or SE by just swapping cables. Ordered my parts yesterday:

4 pin male mini xlr
4 pin female mini xlr
10ft of Mogami w2534

Already have a 1/4 jack. Cost was under $30. Since you're doing dual entry, get the 3 pin connectors instead and some heat shrink for the Y split and you should be good to go. smily_headphones1.gif
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