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For a while now I am sure many of you want to connect your PC as a media center and may not know just how to do that using the XBOX One.  This thread shows how to utilize Foobar2000 version 1.3 to do so.


Since most of the work is done with the links listed at the bottom of this thread, I want to add a few comment to clarify part(s) of the process.




1.)  The first thing to do is install the Music App by going into Settings, then Preferences, and finally ensuring that Allow Play to Streaming is checked.


2.)  Once that is complete ensure that Foobar2000 is at least version 1.3 and update it to that version as needed.  After the download is finished ensure that Foobar2000 is up to date by looking at the header after Foobar is first launched.  It should be Version 1.3 or newer.


3.)  Now download and install the UPnP output Beta Component.


Once it is finished downloading open the file.  Foobar will recognize it.  Go ahead and install it and be sure to click Apply which will finalize the install process.  Now when Preferences in Foobar is accessed under Components ( very top of the list ) there should be the UPNP Media Renderer.  If it is not there the component is not installed correctly.


If foo_out_upnp does not work be sure to try the UPNP server component.


4.)  After this is verified ensure that both both the XBOX One and PC are powered up. It is time to install the XBOX One OS as a device on your PC.

5.)  Go to Devices and Printers and click Add Device ( top ).  The XBOX One OS device should be found.  Install it understanding that if the drivers are not found especially for Windows 7 that this will not affect playback.


6.)  Now go to the Control Panel\Network and Internet\HomeGroup and ensure that the Stream My Pictures and Music... box is checked.


7.)  Lastly, in Foobar, the Output must be changed to XBOX One OS to play through that device.  Go to Preferences, Playback, Output, and select Xbox Sysetm-OS.  Playing through Foobar should now play through the XBOX One.


Play a track in Foobar and see if you can hear it play through your Xbox One speaker setup.  it may take the XBOX One a few moments to connect so be sure to try it again in a few moments once you see the media screen pop up.  Foobar may give you an error until the two devices are talking nicely to each other.




Foobar2000 version 1.3 link


Foobar2000 UPNP Output


Foobar2000 UPNP Server Component


XBOX One Support for the Music App Install


A video showing how to configure and install the Foobar UPNP Component

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