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For Sale:
Logitech UE6000 - very low hours

Will Ship To: CONUS

This pair was purchase from the original owner who just got them brand new and had a change of heart.  I had to remove the battery seal so I know they were brand new.  I'm selling due to having too many portables again - I bought these, a pair of Beats and the new Sennheiser DJ7's to try to find the ultimate portable for my needs.  None of them satisfied my very difficult to achieve "must have" list so the Senns went back to Sennheiser, the Beats I sold to a buddy and now these are available for you. 


Great little basshead headphones that are priced well below what they should be - good comfort and good noise cancelling and with the NC switch flipped these things THUMP. 


Shipping is included in price and I'd prefer Paypal gift on this transaction.  Price as is for a basically brand new pair is fair so that's firm at $70 shipped.   Look at my feedback and feel confident this transaction will be smooth and you will be happy.