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I purchased a pair of Onkyo ES-FC300 (32OHM) for hip-hop music and I've tested them out on various devices.. PC (Gigabyte H55M-UD2H) , Phone (Android +ViperFX Mod) and HiFi with External Amp using CDS and Flacs. 


The High/Lows and Bass response is really none existent on my PC and with a slight increase using my phone (but really low sound) and the external amp, an improvement not that much, even though the clarity is really good. The only pair of on-ears I've owned were the beats by dre which had a much more noticeable bass. 


I was told by another user there is most likely a fault with them. So i ended up returning them to the store, they have now tested them saying there is no fault at all. I'm annoyed because i have a return fee etc. But confused as to why they suck on my computer, do I really need an amp for these. Or should I just consider getting a refund and looking for another pair?

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