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For Sale or Trade: Grado RS2i with L and G cushions

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For Sale or Trade:
Grado RS2i with L and G cushions

Will Ship To: US



For sale or trade are my Grado RS2i headphones in like new condition.  Included are the stock L-cushions and a newly purchased pair of G-cushions.  The g-cushions are earzonk brand and were purchased from amazon a couple of weeks ago.


I am the second owner of these headphones.  I purchased them at full price from a friend who just couldn't get into the hobby and only listened to them a handful of times.  Headphones will come in their original box.  You'll have a hard time telling that these are not brand new.


Asking price is $375 dollars for headphones and g-cushions.  I'll cover all paypal fees, but buyer is responsible for shipping.  Please see pictures for condition and don't hesitate the PM me with any questions.


I have purchased and traded a few items on head-fi, but this is my first for sale/trade listing.  Check out my ebay profile, jwware1978, for additional positive feedback.


For trade, I am very interested in a new amp or dac/amp combo to power my Hifiman he-500s.   I'm open to any offers as long as they would be a suitable match for the 500s.  A few amps on my radar are: Asgard 2, Lyr, ALO PanAm, or Burson Soloist SL.


Not really looking for any headphones at the moment, but would consider Sony EX1000 iem, Audio-technica ATH-W1000x, or Senn hd600/650.


Of course, depending on the trade I would either add or take cash as necessary.  I've also got a pretty good inventory of headphones/iemes in the 100-150 range that I could add into the deal.


Thanks for looking and don't hesitate to make an offer!  Take care.

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interested in trading it for RS1i(serial#7412)?  

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That's a trade I hadn't considered, but I might be interested.  I'll send you PM.

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Headphones have been traded.
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