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Sony MDRDS6500, good choice or not?

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Hi all, anytime I get interested in something and I think I am going to like it, I search for a meaningful forum on that subject. I didn't have to look far, when I saw this place.. I didn't have to look any further. I think I found the right place for headsets. . 


With that said, I am a newbie with the smartphone, and the tablets, but I seem to be liking them a lot. They moved me up to getting some earphones. Long story shorten, I got a set of $25 bluetooth behind the ear phones online..They sounded good, but wouldn't stay on my ear. Since I like the bluetooth style, after reading, I decided to get some Motorola HD Flex, nice sound, and stayed on my ear much better, but the back didn't go well, so I laid them on the side. Went to some over-the-ear Swage bluetooth, costing only $45 compared to the $100 for the Motorola HD FLEX, sound was good, maybe not as good as the Motorola, but I got bad hearing so, they sounded good. In fact, At work, I have a perk job, so most of my time I am looking at movies and listening to music. 


At work, I have been told that I am too loud. Took my Swage earphones to work, everybody at work is happy, and I have found a new hobby. :)  Enter Valetine's Day. Wife wanted a sewing machine, and I picked this..They are a discontinued model, but they seemed to have a lot of features and the price is knocked down 40%. I feel good about these as my choice to get into the world of good headphones..


They are the Sony MDRDS6500 Digital Surround Headphones on sale at Amazon for $189, down from MSRP of $299.99 Amazon has great customer service and a great return policy. If by the rare chance these are not up to par, I will return them..Also, the $189 was right in my $200 max window. I could increase that $200 to $250, but I know the wife would holler. :) 


Just want to ask you all did I make good choice for my first quality headphones?.  


Thanks in advance, :beerchug: 

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Aha, I answered my own question/post/thread!:beyersmile:


I am pure novice, and after I ordered the Sony MDRDS6500, I am thinking they are BLUETOOTH..   After I ordered, and found this forum, and started reading other articles, I found out these are wireless, but not bluetooth. And bluetooth is mostly what I am using on my smartphone and tablet. Long story short, I CANCELLED the order. Was getting ready to order another set, but this time making sure they are bluetooth, but I will wait a day or two and do some more reading..


Thanking and patting myself on the back for answering my own question/thread.. :beyersmile: 

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