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Hi everyone, I'm a new Head-Fi member! I've been following this site since some years and I've always looked here for reviews that could help me with my choices related to audio matters...Now my budget has increased a little bit and I'm planning to buy a new pair of in-ear and I have 100 euros in my pocket. Since this is a fairly important amount of money (at least for a poor university student as me), I'm willing to go a bit deeper in the matter, cause I don't really want to run the risk of wasting money on something I could be unsatisfied with.

In the last couple of years, I've been listening to music through a pair of Klipsh S4, which have unfortunately died due to the frailness of the cable. My first impulse was to buy again the S4, cause in the meantime an improved version has been released by Klipsh (S4 II), with which I've been quite happy in fact, but then I saw on the net that I could obtain much more audio quality spending a little bit more. After some investigations, I found what seems to be the best in this price range:

- Hifiman RE 400

- Fischer Audio Consonance

- Meelectronics A161P

The devices I play music on are a SanDisk Sansa ClipZip and my Motorola Moto G. Files are all mp3 ripped at 320Kbps and the genre I play the most is metal, from thrash to gothic to death and metalcore. That's an 80%, then, from time to time I also play some mainstream pop and dance, but I'm mostly interesting in a pair of iem which could be adapt to play metal music. I prefer straight wearing and I'd like a balanced sound, not too bassy. I think that's all I can say, so I thank you very much in advance for your help and hope somebody can give me some info and help! Of course, if you think there are better iems for me than those I listed here, feel free to tell me. Thank you! ;-)


P.S.: This is my first post, I hope everything is alright with that.


P.P.S.: If there are any iems which could be interesting and can be bought for something less than 100 euros, I'd be glad to consider them, as my budget is really the limit, but I'd be happy If I could save some euros.

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