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The E7 is roughly the same size as an iphone 4, but about twice as thick. Google the FiiO E7 and go to google images and there should be a size comparison. I also believe it comes with a strap so you can strap it to the back of an iphone  to make it one object.

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Oh okay cool! I'll look into that! But one last question, how would I get "higher quality sound files". That may sound like a stupid question to someone with audio experience, but I typically either just use soundcloud, but songs from iTunes, or convert YouTube MP3's. although, I don't use iTunes as much anymore due to the cost. How would I get higher quality audio files?
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To get lossless audio, you can rip the files from CD's to your iTunes library by going to the setting and selecting Apple loss less as the preferred format for files being taken from CD's. You can't get high quality audio from Youtube really, I learned this a couple years ago after I started to get good headphones. There are always illegal methods such as torrenting if you need free, but I do not condone that and it can also be difficult to find good files. If you do go the torrent route, know that you will be contacted by your internet provider if caught doing it. You will at first be given a warning but after that Legal action can be taken by music companies if they wish. Look into VPN's to avoid this ;). CD's are your best route, but I understand it can become very expensive.

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Yeah, I can't quite afford to go that route, or I would be broke in a matter of hours. So I guess I'll just have to work with what I have! Will the amp still improve the quality of the current YouTube-ripped video files or sound cloud files that I have? Or would that not help?
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Just remember that in order to increase sound quality, you need a dac, not an amp. The amp only increases the power to the headphones so you can make it louder if the headphones require a lot of power. The dac could actually make some of the imperfections in the YouTube mp3s more obvious. Mp3 files from YouTube generally run at about 128 kbs which is low quality. 320 kbs or higher is where sound quality improves greatly. To put it in perspective, a high quality mp3 is 320 kbs, and a cd runs at 1411 kbs. More than 4 times the kbs. I don't think you need a dac or amp for your uses.
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Yeah, that's what it sounds like to me. Thank you very much for your help!
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No problem! If you wouldn't mind checking out my blog and sharing it that would really help me out. I just do electronics reviews and try to update my blog regularly. I just tarted it last week so I don't have a lot of content. The address is easytechreviewsblog.blogspot.com . Good luck with the new headphones!
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