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Upgrading from Urbeats to V-MODA Crossfade M-100: Good idea?

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I don't know much about specs, but I've heard a lot of good things about the V-MODA's. The best headphones I have right now is a pair of Urbeats By Dre Earbuds. I listen to mostly electronic music, if that helps. I love durable, comfortable headphones with great bass and mids. Is this a good idea for me? I mean, how big of an upgrade is this? Is it worth the money? (My budget is only $300, and I didn't want to buy any more beats because I personally dislike them. Overpriced and not very good).

Anyways, opinions? Is this a good upgrade? Thanks for the help! Also, any suggestions to make the V-MODA's run better? Amps and such? (Keep in mind I'll be using this with my iPhone 5 to just listen to music). Thank you!
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No help?
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I don't own either the Beats or V-Moda, but you are gong to get much better sound quality from the Vmoda cans.


1. They are full size which generally will provide better sound quality than in ear headphones.


2. The bass on the V-Moda can be compared to the full size beats models, but the sound quality in other areas will be much better.


3. The V-Moda's seem to be very portable, as well as durable.


To sum up, if you have $300 dollars to spend on a good, fun, bassy headphone, the V-Moda M-100 is a great choice. If you want a similarly priced headphone, with better overall sound quality, but less bass, then look at the Sennheiser Momentums. I have listened to these and they sound great. Look up some reviews around the web. Hope this all helped!

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I'm looking for excellent bass! So thank you very much for the opinion! I'm also looking for any kind of amplifier that would help boost sound quality or bass. Can anyone recommend something portable like that? I saw some cheap $27 ones the other day. Do those actually help?
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An amp will only boost the vomume levels with some sound quality improvements. What you want is a DAC Amp which has an amplifier, plus a digital to analog converter which will much improve the sound compared to the on-board audio of a laptop, phone or ipod. The FiiO E7 is a  good cheaper option for a DAC/amp combo. I have the FiiO E10 which is just meant for a desktop, not portable, but the E7 is. You can also go up from there with an E07K or E17. There are other amp/dac options out there, but the FiiO amps are generally the ones you get for portability and a low price. After that the prices start to go up.

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So I should do research on the FiiO E7? What will it do? Boost volume? Quality? Will it affect the bass at all? Mids? Highs? Vocals?
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V-Moda makes and DAC amp but I think it $600. They are also meant to go with the iPhone 5/5s and Samsung Galaxy S series.They are cool looking though.

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What is your budget? Also; What kind of device are you using that you need portability?

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Well, I'm not going to buy a $600 amp for $300 headphones! But would the E7 really boost the headphone quality by enough to make it worth the $60 more?
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I basically blew my budget on the headphones themselves. But I could probably go up to $100 on an amp if it would REALLY boost the quality. It it's only going to be a tiny and unnoticeable difference, I'll probably just use them as is.
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A lot depends on whether sound quality will be affected. In all honesty, the V-Moda is meant for more "fun" listening than accurate sound. Also, what kind of sound files you are playing will be the main determinant of whether you need a a dac amp. If you are playing 128-320 kbs mp3 files, then a dac amp wont do much for sound quality. If you have lossless files on your music playing device, then a change can be evident. This can all get sort of complicated so I am sorry about all the info. Generally dac amps are best suited for computer and home listening, where better quality files can be utilized. Once you get the headphones, listen to them and see if the volume can get loud enough. If it doesn't get loud enough, then get an amp; a FiiO E6 will probably work. If you are using high quality files, then get a dac/amp; a e07/e07k or higher.

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What kind of device(s) are you playing music from? Ipod/phone? Android? Laptop? Home theater system?

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Mostly from my iPhone. So just a simple digital MP3 player. So I assume an amp probably would not improve them that much? And what do you mean by "fun" listening? Is that a good or bad thing?
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By fun listening, I just mean that the headphones are not meant to reproduce the sound accurately, which is not a bad thing. Headphones like the V-Moda boost the bass past what the artist and sound engineer of a song meant it to be. It completely a matter of preference. As I stated earlier, the sennheiser momentums are similar in price and design, but they give a more accurate reproduction of a track. This is also known as giving a flat response, meaning it does not boost the highs or the lows of a song. Many like the bass to be boosted which once again isn't a bad thing.


The best advice I can give is to be patient and first listen to the headphones with your iPhone and computer to see how they sound. If you are not impressed then consider getting the fiio e07 as well as getting better quality sound files. Some problems will come up though, such as uncompressed files being substantially larger than MP3 files, which will mean your space will fill up quickly on your phone, as well as it being kind of inconvenient carrying around an amp with your phone. If you plan to listen on your computer with high quality files then a dac amp will be worth it In my opinion. If not, then see how you like it as is.

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I love bloated bass! I'm choosing these over other bass-bloated headphones because of their build quality, design, and far supperior treble qualities. Is there such thing as a "portable" amp though? How big is the E7? Would I need to put it in a separate pocket? Or is it small enough to just dangle off the cord while walking around?
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