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So I'm after my 5th set of cans in about 2 years. I just can't find any that suit my needs

Comfort is really important to me and the reason why I've ditched most of the previous ones I had. I have glasses which doesn't help, and maybe I'm just a big wuss or I have sensitive ears, because I want a pair of headphones I can use for hours on end while I'm at work that don't leave me in pain.

The only ones I've found that I can do that with are my Turtle Beach x12s for the xbox. So comfortable I don't even know they're there.

So in terms of requirement priority its:

1) comfort
2) around ear - see 1) above
3) audio quality - in reality if they fit the requirements above and sound rubbish then I'm not going to buy them. But I would not sacrifice comfort for quality
4) noise cancelling. I need to shut out the noise around me while I try and concentrate at work. So noise cancelling would be ideal, but something that will do at least a partial or good job of isolating noise

5) Minimal sound leakage
6) willing to spend £250 but no more really

I popped into John Lewis yesterday and they had the Bose QC15 - which fit most of my criteria. But I felt the audio quality wasn't quite there. But would consider them if I can't find anything better

Any suggestions very gratefully received. Also, if you have any advice on which stores I can go to to try before I buy, I'd really appreciate that as this is where I've gone wrong in the past