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IEM recommendation needed!

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Hi all,


Excited to join everyone!


Alright, so right off the bat I hate buying new headphones. Deciding on a new pair of headphones, when you use them as much as I do, is a really daunting decision. Sound and sound quality is so subjective to each and every person - it's almost impossible to trust the endless Amazon reviews. 


That said - really glad I found this site.


I currently have a pair of Brainwavz M2 which I listen to on my iPod 4. I love these headphones - they sound great however I do have a few minor issues:

- The cord, while really durable due to the extra material, is very annoying. It's kept it's form from being packaged the way it was and won't lie straight - it's, like, half tangled? Other owners I suspect while share this annoyance.

- The bass is A LITTLE punchy. I like a small amount extra bass, but on occasion I can hear it drowning out the mids.


They're also getting a little old...filters were lost. Basically, time for an upgrade. 


What I listen to:

- "Jazz Fusion" / Progressive Rock: Miles, Frank Zappa, Mahavishnu, Mars Volta, Tull, ELP...basically any erratic or experimental form of Rock I'll give it a go

- That new Rock / Blues fusion: Jack White stuff, Black Keys

- Electronic and New Wave: Depeche Mode is the big one here...but lots of other stuff


Basically, my favorite instruments are the guitar and the synthesizer.


Some things I'm looking for:

- Accurate highs/mids/lows. Maybe a little extra bass? Maybe. Basically, correct sound representation. I think music should be listened to how the musician intended. 

- Durability. I commute everyday from Long Island to NYC. My headphones and iPod come with me everywhere. Need them to last.

- Price tag of under $110 optimally


I've done some due diligence and I THINK I've got it down to five pairs (although I'm totally open to suggestions). 


- Etymotic Research HF5

- ThinkSound ts02

- Brainwavz B2 (little pricey)

- VSonic GR6


From here, I cannot decide. Can anyone give some solid advice based on my wall of text? Thanks so much,

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I suggest the just released 3rd version of the GR07, the GR07 Classic for $104. The GR07 is a great all-rounder. You can get it here with free shipping:



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