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HF5 or RE-400 for classical?

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I was looking for some isolative IEMs for classical while working in noisy areas,so after a good bit of searching around i came up with these two. And i need some help deciding which one to get. My sound preferences are accurate,not dry,transparent and detailed,relatively balanced,and not overwhelming but definitely present bass. And yes i have looked at reviews on both. I just need help deciding. All in all isolation is top priority.


Thanks in advance.

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Having only listened to my brothers RE-400 very shortly quite a while back I can't say much about them besides that my impression was positive.


I do however own the HF3 which basically is a HF5 with inline mic/remote and can say that they are excellent at noise isolation with the triflange if you can get along with the fit. I prefer the round tips (gliders) which also have good isolation.


I prefer a lighter sound sig and find the HF3 just very slightly bassy on it's own and soundwise better with a 75ohm adapter. Although they have always only been my backup while earlier having ER4, Tzar 350 and presently K3000i as primary iem I have always been very happy with the HF3 and considers them good value for money sound wise. Just imho ofc.

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Anyone have experience with the RE-400s? I can get both of them for around $100 on amazon,and I'm planning on buying today. So any advice would be very helpful.
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I have never auditioned the re400 but I do own the hf2 which is hf5 with mic, And it a very neutral and balanced iem. It is very clear and accurate, and The bass response is present but it does not overshadow other frequencies. I would highly recommend the hf5.
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I just got the HF2s and some ety gliders. They were like 50% off on amazon,so I couldn't say no. wink.gif
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I have the hf2 and the re400. I only use the 400s these days. I find the hf2 lacking in bass and too analytical. Just my taste. Yours could differ.
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If I don't like these I'll go to the warmer,bassier,RE-400s. If I do like them I'll probably wait 9-12 months and get the ER4. Either way I'm still expanding my knowledge of audio so I'm not losing anything. smily_headphones1.gif
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I picked up an 75 ohm adapter from fleabay like this one (not from that seller, just an example) when I bought my HF3 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Etymotic-ER4P-to-ER4S-3-5MM-plug-resistor-adaptor-/271363212964?pt=US_MP3_Player_Cables_Adapters&hash=item3f2e8206a4

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Does the adapter make an effective difference in the sound? Or is it one of those things that makes just enough of a difference that you can only tell when you test them side by side?

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Would say it's significant enough to notice - more on some tracks than others of course. A bit less bass, a bit less monitor-like and more airy. Soundwise it will put you closer to the ER4S sound than without imho.

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