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Best earbuds under $130

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Hi there Audiophiles,


So, I had recently had a pair of Bose Mie2i headphones that had gotten stolen by someone at school. So, I have been thinking about my options when it comes to in ear headphones. So, with that in mind i would like to present to you my criteria for the type of headphones i would like to have. 


- must have strong bass

- Must handle rap music well (library of 844 rap songs... and counting!)

- Must stay in ears well (bose little hook)

- should be durable

- should have a 3 in-lined remote

- be good at the gym


I was impressed with the bose headphones. Give me something with "consumer sound" like bose does and ill buy em.





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Shure SE215.

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Just get another set of bose
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