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!!Low frequency extension!! Need some examples of headphones with extended base!

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in another already established thread that I consider one of these forms best and oldest threads on equalization someone who I believe may be one of these forms resident experts on equalization answered the question


"So I have more questions that I am asking in this first response to your responde. But the thing I am most wondering is and headphone selection are there colorations are characteristics that are inherent  to the headphones in themselves respectful to their frequency response? I am driving at is headphone selection for always equalized headphones different then headphone selection was sometimes equalized headphones?"


Well I am very interested to get the answer to part two of her answer to me which I will repeat here.


Originally Posted by Joe Bloggs View Post

2. Low frequency extension. There's nothing you can do with an EQ about a bass that rolls off into nothingness. So I would look for phones that have good low frequency extension to start with.

My complete question can be found at the link here. And thank you very much if you would be so good to answer any part of the above most especially or why I have linked to.

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I really enjoy my Denon D2000, it has a nice low end, especially when EQ'd. Same goes for the D5000, and D7000 or so I've heard. Some other good headphones would be the Beyerdynamic DT770 80 ohm, VModa M100, M Audio Q40..


What is your budget?

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Well I would say $300 would be the absolute maximum provided it was very comfortable. I did something that is possibly naughty. I started another thread in another form of a similar nature begging for an answer have been having trouble getting answers. Our repost here his post which is  right at my absolute limit.



Originally Posted by KG Jag View Post

Look to orthos (planars) like the HE-500 or HE-400.  The 400's are being closed out at $299, which may or may not qualify as economical for you.



After seeing what he and you say I have seen frequency curves that are remarkable. I am wondering if they are more remarkable than I will ever need to obtain what I am trying to achieve with a combination of equalization and headphone specifications? Let me explain something I'm a complete newbie, but when I heard the best electronically produced audio I have ever heard by equalizing a headset purdah dictates of these forms I said to myself I have to get audiophile level equipment and take this stuff further.



I have a while to decide what headphone I want because my DAC and headphone amplifier will not be arriving from China till March 20 (estimated date.) These devices will be Little Dot DAC_I Digital to Analog Converter and the Little Dot MK IV with SE better tube option. Which if I remember can put out its maximum wattage of a half what at 600 ohms. I mentioned that half what because I am thinking of trying to do extreme equalization if necessary.



I am most interested in the following the recommendations of it equalizing expert who gave me this advice on this sites prime equalization Fred.




Originally Posted by Joe Bloggs View Post

If you plan to EQ your headphones all the time there are a few things I'd look for:
1. Comfort. People who take the sound of a pair of headphones to be set in stone will apparently sometimes accept wearing a pair of spikes stabbing their ears if they happen to have the perfect sound for them. Well, bollocks to that, I say. I'd rather take a pair of comfortable phones that are not the best sounding out of the box if there's so much I can do to the sound afterwards.
2. Low frequency extension. There's nothing you can do with an EQ about a bass that rolls off into nothingness. So I would look for phones that have good low frequency extension to start with.
3. Well documented. If your phones have been measured by several premier headphone review sites, you will have much more guidance when EQing them as to what is considered a reference tuning with these phones.


I am vacillating between headphone brands but at this very moment I am favoring Audio Technica for their reputation for extreme comfort. I had been looking at Beyerdynamic which also can be found at deeply discounted prices, but a reviewer doing a comparison of their headphones mentioned when he really wants extended comfort for long periods of time there's nothing like Audio Technica. 



So for the moment I am thinking an Audio Technica headphone with all the equalization it might need even if I have to go through it 10 times or more


I do not know what you know of equalization but if you could give me your perspective on how much bass you need to equalize it to very good base I would appreciate it? Especially if that can make it more affordable.

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+1 on d2000.... For your budget.
It's a better bet than a dt770 or it's variants.
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Originally Posted by Lorspeaker View Post

+1 on d2000.... For your budget.
It's a better bet than a dt770 or it's variants.

Eh, I honestly don't know if I agree with that. I love the bass on my DT770 Premium 600 ohm, it reaches pretty low with decent amplification. The D2000 has deep bass, but it needs to be EQ'd to get there. 


(I own both)



Graph for comparison

I'm assuming the 'Beyerdynamic DT770' is referring to the 80 ohm.


The D2000's bass and sub bass do get better with Alpha Pads though. 

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Interesting chart...i dun read them..tongue.gif
The rumble effect of denons are more vicereal to my ears
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cCasper -  although those headphones you have are a little more than I wanted to spend I now took a good look at them on Amazon and I have a question for you about soundstage. I am told closed headphones  less have a less wide soundstage. The thing that amazed me about equalizing a headset was amazingly good soundstage where I could place the singers singing 2 feet apart from each other. So comments about your Denon D2000 would be appreciated.  In regard to this soundstage. How are they with a full Symphony Orchestra?

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Yeah, the clamp of my D2K's headband isn't as tight as I would like it to be, and because of that they vibrate on my head. Haha


Either way, OP you will be satisfied with either of the previously mentioned headphones. They both have good staging and great bass extension. 

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Lorspeaker -  Beyerdynamic DT880 600 ohms  was the one I heard the most praise for for the genre of classical music which I like but I most like the Great American songbook genre especially when this singing with a Symphony Orchestra as some sort of pop concert.


What I think I am most taken by of sensational soundstage with sensational placement.


So of course I will have to here to know but what is your perspective? And do you ever get uncomfortable during long listening sessions?


Would you recommend closed headphone design or the most open one? All of my listening will be done in a very quiet home.

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If u can control the quietness of your listening space, of cos the logical answer is to get an open can...

assuming u want only ONE can. ( u can buy a CLOSED n an OPEN..no? :P )


But i am biased towards closed cans, just like the added sonic intimacy/privacy/ambience...

trading off some outer soundstage space..

i do get very good sense of depth for closed cans though..so tat works for me. 

also some peace from radios/tv/traffic/wife? :D




So far, i have no issues of comfort with BEYERsDT770/880/990, Seinheisser600/650, open AudioTechnicas, DenonD2k.

AKGs are somewhat slightly less comfy, the pads of 702/Q701 can be a tad firm.  ( i am just citing examples in the 300-500$ range)

I try to buy in the resale mkt..and wash or change the pads...to save my $$. 

i am listening to the DT770/600ohms now..paid less than $150 for them..bought right off the forum in headfi.




I dun do EQing...i get confused easily with those buttons on the computer...LOL.

just toying with earpads/cables/tubes/ Hi-Lo gain/dac filters to get the sound i like.

I am not familiar with the current state of art in EQing..

u can adjust the db level of certain frequencyrange...but can u adjust the timbre too? 

(make a dt880 sound like a hd650?? ...innocent question.. )

but if it can tune ONE CAN for different genre at the flick of a few switches..

then power to u bro.




Ok DT880/600ohm...a few remarks off my dusty memory.

the sound presentation: is like sitting further away from the orchestra, Quite balanced up n down the sonic range.

u hear the summation of all the instruments swinging as a whole...

further away from the stage than say a seinheisser or an Audio Technica imho.

Not terribly involving when it comes to vocals.. here the seinheissers tend to excel.

It doesnt have the clearest drivers in the market...putting a T1 next to it and u know whats lacking (but of cos $$$) 

But it is still a great can to own at least once in your headfi journey.

i own it once, own the dt770/600ohms twice. ( becos i like to feel the slammmmmbammmwhammmm of a charging orchestra :P)


Listening to the FUNERAL MARCH by Serebrier now on the DT770/600..

ooooo that timpani slammmmmm....ouchhhh..pleasure..!!



An alternative to consider is the Seinheisser hd600...there is a big following..known n liked for its "neutrality" ..great for classical music..

and vocals..v lifelike sounding too in life concert recordings.



I liked the LittleDot Mk4se, its more beefy, powerful than the Mk3.  I had it side by side to the LYR..,and the MK4se sounded more open.

U should have a great time with tube rolling on this amp. ENJOY ! 




above are my generalisations...my taste..dun shoooooot me. :P

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there's a lot you said there and a lot I could wonder could be or could not be confirmed by other users of this site. I am not sure how to parse off the the totally physiological causes perceptions of people from the universal truths of how things work like the difference in sound between close and open cams if that is indeed a universal truth?



Perhaps I'll see if I could get anybody to comment again about your perceptions later. 



Buy for now I am wondering if you have any methods or know of any methods of exchanging funds to buy and from people, on this site, with total anonymity. I may very much like to get something in my hands in the way of headphones for an inexpensive point of reference to know more what people are talking about on these forms. But I do not know even if say I talked to somebody back and forth on this forum quite some time if I will be able to trust them a less at least there was a way of say of limiting a credit card transaction where the other person get your credit card number to the amount of sale and no more.



So how do people do it? Are there rules of thumb on how you buy and sell from strangers while limiting your liability to mow more than the sale price or even less than that? What sales methods will be accepted by most people on this site which limits liability?

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i use PAYPAL...register an account there with your credit card info.

When i pay someone here thru paypal, i just need the seller's email address to identify him.

(assuming he has a paypal account too. My creditcard info is not revealed to the seller)


There is a paypal fee of 3-4%, not sure whats the latest..n varies from country to country (?)

This could be split betw buyerseller..or paid by the buyer..or seller..depends on how the nego goes.


The payment can be effected as a Business purchase, where some protection is afforded by PAYPAL..

*read the terms n condition.  Headfi prefers that u do this...rather than sending the money as a GIFT.

If u send money as a GIFT the risk of product sent not being in good cond etc is fully on the SENDER of the money.



I try to buy from SELLERs with good feedback ratings.

But in all transaction there are eventualities that confounds me too.

It could be a case of Handwritten address that's so hard to decifer, the parcel went astray..?



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this is the header warning u will see in the BUYSELL forum...please read the links there for stories of scams/non deliveries..etc.



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Originally Posted by Lorspeaker View Post


I try to buy from SELLERs with good feedback ratings.

But in all transaction there are eventualities that confounds me too.

It could be a case of Handwritten address that's so hard to decifer, the parcel went astray..?



Whose feedback rating?


Can you do business transactions if you are retired?  what are PayPal's business transactions?  I do already have a PayPal's account.


I've looked Buy/Sell/Trade session briefly but I was turned off by the fact that these forums make no guarantees about it. Do you have recommended procedures recommended on these forms or elsewhere where I could read about this more in depth?

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click on my profile for example...u will see "MY FEEDBACK" on the left...

click on it...and u will see all the people who gave me feedback on my purchases n sale for the past years.

In your case u have not made any transaction(?), and u didnt receive any feedback as yet.


u will see this +27 on the buysell forum besides my forum name if i make listing to sell for example.




u might want to read thru this link.






open your paypal account..get in and read the info / conditions/ protection in the site.


when u start to make  a payment, the option boxes will prompt u on the nature of the transaction n u can select whether its a GIFT or otherwise.

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