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DACs and Power Amps

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I'm new to posting here so first off let me say its great to find such a mature community of audio fanatics like myself!


I relatively new to computer audio.  I currently have a DAC (Bel Canto) to complement my Sonos setup.  I have an older integrated amplifier that I use for 2 channel listening and a dedicated headphone amp (Bottlehead Crack).


I am considering selling my integrated amp as I like the tube sound my headphone amp makes.  Has anyone paired a DAC with a tube power amp without the use of preamp.  I gather this combination will work but I am curious if I would be better off considering a tube integrated over a power amp.  My DAC has sufficient inputs so I dont need a preamp for any other purpose than improving the sound.  I have no doubt a good preamp would improve things but I'm trying to get best bang for buck and simplification is always good.


Any thoughts, experience or otherwise would be gladly appreciated.




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The only reason to buy a tube integrated is if you want the assurance that the preamp section is driving the amplifier section properly. Most likely your Bel Canto DAC / preamp combination can successfully drive a tube power amp. Paying attention to the amp's input sensitivity and voltage gain will let you know if you'll get good results, see http://www.audioholics.com/audio-amplifier/amplifier-voltage-gain.

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Great link thank you.  

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