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Lots of power under the hood, that's for sure. This thing should drive just about anything!


I see you had to scratch your heads a bit to make everything fit!

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41 stepped volume control - will come motorized via remote control and of course in a classic version.



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hopefully someone had the chance to attend munich high end 2014 and can give some first impressions :wink_face:

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yep, here some impressions from the very well equipped Violectric stand:


Mr. Reim had all the powerhouses from Sennheiser, Hifiman, AKG, Audeze, Fostex, Beyerdynamic etc.



Let's take a look at the silver V281



Black front




Black V220



HE-560 to listen to via V281/V220






Remote control, could be fully tested and works like a charm.


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Wow the silver looks great.  I was going to get the black 281 but I might reconsider after seeing those pics!  :)

But the big question is, How Do They Sound??  

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IM  -  PRES  -  SIONS !!!!    IM  -  PRES  -  SIONS !!!!    IM  -  PRES  -  SIONS !!!!



p.s. i guess the one set to -12db pre-gain is the V281 :D

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I owned the V200 and SPL Auditor at the same time for about 2 years. Maybe I'll end up buying both the Phonitor 2 and V281. I like amps too much for my own good.

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I agree, the silver one looks fantastic. Love the black on silver controls.

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My vote also goes to the silver version...but I'd love to hear some impressions.  Was there also a HE-6 to play with?

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Ooooo, silver looks KILLER with those black knobs to set it off. Thanks for the pics..... Drool....
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Originally Posted by Fegefeuer View Post

yep, here some impressions from the very well equipped Violectric stand:


Mr. Reim had all the powerhouses from Sennheiser, Hifiman, AKG, Audeze, Fostex, Beyerdynamic etc.

Thanks for posting! Very tempting!


P.S. Fegefeuer, I notice that you seem to get lots of great info fairly regularly. Are you a Lake People/Violectric employee or just another fan of their products? If so, are you supposed to be tagged as "Member of the Trade"? Confirmation that he's just another fan like me!

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Hello everybody.


As you can see some posts earlier we managed to show our ready working HPA V220 and HPA V281 during HiEnd show in Munich.

Good to hear that most american guys here appreciate the silver front panels - because the german / european potential customers seem to pefer the black ones ! 

Everybody was very impressed about the look and feel and even more about the sound - specially from V281 paired with balanced headphones.

V281 clearly showed that the V200 amp technology inside a balanced amp is a gigantic step ahead compared to a more simple solution like V181.

But also V220 was found to be a comfortable solution for those looking for a smart pre-amp with powerful and superior sounding headhone amp.


The setup:
There was a DAC V800 serving as a D/A converter for digital signals coming from a notebook and a CD player.

The balanced analog outputs were fed into a Lake People active balanced splitter ANA-TOOL F844 ( 2 x 1 in 4) and than distributed to V100, V181, V200 and V281.

The V90 was fed from the unbalanced outputs from V800, the pregain from V90 was set to +6 dBu to have nearly matching levels.

The V220 was fed from V281 which was set to fixed line outputs - as we had to face level mismatches inside V220 and V281 the Pre-Gain from V220 was set to -12 dBu to have matching levels.


Both units operated perfectly, of course V281 was of more public interest and ran with up to 3 headphones connected all day long.

We feared a little bit a heat problem for V281 with such low impedance loads but it was good to see that no amp under these circustances ever showed a temperature problem or even unusual case temperature.


We had several excellent headphones from major brands to show the performance of our amps independent of the make or the specs of the headphones.

Unfortunately from Hifi Man we had only the brand new HE560 (brilliant !!) but no HE6.

But two guests brought their K1000 with them and were very impressed about the ability of V281 to drive this headphone with ease.
One of them pre-ordered directly :normal_smile :


There are few minor things to adjust for the series production:

1. we had set the balanced control to +/- 2 dB with is far to less and we will change this to +/- 6 dB

2. the analog line levels on the back outputs have to be adjusted to proper levels 



@ BeyerMonster:


Fegefeuer is just fan of Violectric products and purchased several headphone amps in the last years.

He is no employee or share holder of Violectric or Lake People - simply a big supporter :gs1000smile:




Fried Reim 

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Looks fabulous both silver and black units, but I'd probably settle for silver! The machining on those face plates are also a work of art and the build looks excellent.


Will Violectric launch a silver faceplate V800 to match the silver V281/V220 look?

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The manucaturer of the front panels told me that they bought new diamond tools specially for milling our front panels and also that these are made on a totaly new machine purchase for 350.000 Euro 500.000 $ .


We are also thinking of new silver front panels for V800 !

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I cant wait to sit in my room with my V281 hooked to my balanced LCD-2 and have a listen!!! Also, I sent an email to change my preorder from black front to silver front panel, I love that Silver panel, absolutely.

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