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Recently been working on improving my portable audio setup. Managed to get some deluxe headphones but now I need a new music player that would be a bit better than the stock Google Music app. I read a lot of old threads about this but they were from years ago and many new players have come out since then and the most debated ones have received plenty of updates.


So far I've read some suggestions that Power Amp and Neutron were the best. Been on trials with both and both have their ups and downs. I love the easy and simpler interface of Power Amp, plus how it places my music in a good order, and generally I hear it some songs louder on Power Amp, some Louder on Neutron. I got nothing really to complain about it other than the programs starts up immediately after I plug in my headphones, but I do appreciate taking me directly to my music, but not when I'm on a trial testing between a few music players to see which I like better, then again both do it. I also read a few users saying that Power Amp has bad sound quality compared to Neutron or even the other popular player, Player Pro.


Neutron was really good as well, seems a bit more thorough with tweaks though I didn't like the idea that I have to balance 2 volume bars (inside the program and when I'm outside the program on the regular phone interface) unless I'm doing something wrong, but could be good if I knew how to mange it better. Also, the first time I heard it for some odd reason there was a slight buzzing sound on the right side of my headphone, though after I uninstalled it and re-installed it, it went away. Same with trying to find the music folder, which was instant for Power Amp but a bit of a challenge for Neutron, but I managed to do it. Then it also has my music out of order which is a tad annoying but tolerable. Plus turning it off is a challenge, had to install a Task Killer to properly shut it down when I finished.


I also tried Cubed, but the interface was too strange and 2nd time I re-installed I could not listen to the music at all.


Anyway which truly is the best paid music player, and is there any free player that meets their quality? I'm rather stingy with paying for apps and generally have always found an equivalent for any app that was pretty much the same but for free. Winamp is gone from the marketplace so I can't even try that out, but have found a few new apps that people have generally given good reviews too but they don't have as many reviews as the above mentioned. New Players I found were:


Ting, Moobo Music, Music Player HQPod, JoeApollo


Has anyone used these, and how do they stack up vs the paid ones? In the end I might get a paid one after I finish using them when the trials are over but am still looking for a free player as a backup plan and for other android devices my family and I use.


Edit: Nevermind XD I tried out a lot of apps, and with trial and error found almost all apps to have some very big shortcomings, except JoeApollo which was basically the old program Apollo just re-released by that programmer. Not as good as PowerAmp but will do and I like the UI better than the stock Google Music Player. For now I'll use PowerAmp till the trial runs out but if I can't manage to buy the amp for some reason I'll stick with JoeApollo.

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