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Looking for a universal gaming/music, pc/console/cellphone setup

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Well, here goes. 


I am looking for a pair of headphones that I can use for general music listening purposes through my laptop and cellphone (spotify premium on both), but that I can also hook up to a rig and use for gaming both on my laptop and my xbox 360 (and perhaps XBone in the future), in addition to all of the peripherals (like the mic and amps), adapters, etc. 


I am coming from using a pair of Turtle Beach X12s for my xbox gaming so my standards are very very very low when it comes to the gaming aspect. 


My headphone preferences are described here, in my other help thread:




Summary: I want comfort (VERY important), I want them to sound good for my listening purposes (I listen to modern Rock, Metal, Hardcore, Punk (You get the idea there - very guitar and drum-heavy - think Five Finger Death Punch and related bands) and also to a fair amount of electronic music (EDM, Dubstep, House, Industrial-esque stuff). I love bass but not when it makes it sound ridiculously muddy. I've also heard that mid-range is important for rock and guitar based music, but I don't know for sure on my own.), and, preferably, I'd like them to sound good without an amp or EQing.


Like I stated there, I would like closed headphones so they can be used anywhere. I realize that closed headphones are not ideal for gaming but I can live with that for the sake of not having to purchase more than a single pair of headphones. I like consolidation. 


I made that thread before deciding I wanted to use them for gaming, so in addition to all of the preferences I listed there, a *decent* soundstage and all that other jazz required for a good gaming headset would be nice. I'm not ultra-competitive by any means but would just like them to be competent. 


For the gaming side, I would like the mic to be easily removable (clip on or easily attached with velcro, etc) so that when I leave the house or just want to listen to music I can take the headphones and headphones alone with me. 


I need to know what I would need to buy to make the headphone/mic combination compatible with the Xbox 360, so that I can chat and hear chat, and hear the game audio (also applies to TV and movie audio), and maybe (if it's possible), regulate the voice chat vs game volume so that neither drowns out the other, like I could do with my X12s, all through the headphone/mic combination. For this I have done my research and come up with the following, so knowing the pros and cons of each, or knowing any alternatives that are better/better value, would be nice: 











I legitimately have no clue how any of these would work with the headphone/mic combo on the Xbox, or if there are alternatives, so an explanation of all of the connections and cables would be greatly appreciated.


Like I said before, I would prefer not having to mess with amps or soundcards (I don't even know what those are but it sounds like anyone that wants to do serious gaming on a PC needs one for their headset) for when I use the headphones with my laptop or my phone, but as I realize what I'm asking for is getting ridiculously specific, I am willing to let that slide. However, I'll have to be told what I need and what provides the best value while satisfying my needs for home or portable amps and the such. 


I am flexible when it comes to price since I do not know how much all of this is going to potentially cost. How could I, I don't even know half of what I'm buying...anyways, I'd just like to get the best value for my money that fully satisfies my needs. I'm no audiophile, I don't listen to extremely high quality music (see: Spotify Premium), and I'm not a professional gamer. I just want something that'll sound great for listening to my music, that won't leave me with any complaints with regards to that, that is comfortable, and that can outperform the modest standards set by a set of ****ty Turtle Beach X12s for gaming. 


Now, I realize that I sound extremely clueless, but I've done my research. I just have too much information spinning around in my head and would like it to be all made clear for me by one of you lovely knowledgeable people. If you have any questions I'd be glad to answer them. 


I've read through the following in my attempt to research this, so that should give you an idea of what I know and don't know. But for my sake, please, assume I know nothing when explaining or recommending something to me, because I'll just end up asking anyways. 












(I actually did go through most of that^ and realize it gives a lot of what I asked, but would just like the information I need consolidated in one place as it relates to my needs)








I'm sorry for the super-long post, and I thank you for your time!

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If there's anything I did wrong in my description please let me know so I can fix it. I just want ideas. Advice. Information. Anything.
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there is nothing wrong with your description (ok, maybe a little long ;)), but I guess you got no answers is because you are looking for gaming headphones and this forum is more about HiFi. For example, about your music tastes, I can answer you. You could try the Beyerdynamic DT770 or for a little more portable Sony MDR1. Both very confortable, with good bass. DT770 are brighter MDR1 are a bit darker. However they don't have a mic installed. However I have no idea about the gaming headphones. Maybe you could buy a seperated mic.

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Thank you for the suggestions. I was planning on getting a separate mic anyways. Part of my post was asking which kind would be best and what method would be best for using the pair with the Xbox.
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So I was looking around and discovered the B&W P7. It honestly looks like exactly what I'm looking for. Any comments?
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I can hardly comment on the P7, as I have no experiance with them. However if you buy the previously mentioned Sony MDR 1r, they come with the iDevices inline remote that also have a mic. I'm not sure if it works with the xbox too though.

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I doubt it. I looked at the Sonys and they look okay...but the P7s just look perfect.
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The NAD Viso HP50 also looks like it could satisfy my needs. I read somewhere that the B&W P7s have recessed mids, is that true?
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