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I got some "insider info" the other day that my favorite amp manufacturer - Butler Audio - has begun working on schematics for their first headphone amplifier design. This was very exciting news to me, as Mr Butler's amps have been the backbone of my home theater and 2-channel rigs since 2005. His hybrid design has been absolutely ideal for my preferences, as they offer the "balls" of solid state with just a touch of tube warmth and richness. I've heard a lot of stereo and HT amps over the years, and his are by far my favorite. 


Anyway, I have confirmation that this is more than just a rumor. This is a viable project that is already in the planning and design stages. I wanted to start this thread to do three things: First, I wanted to share some information about BK Butler, my experiences with his excellent amps, and see if anyone else had any experience with his gear. Second, I wanted to encourage everyone to post any news or updates that they may come across with regard to the proposed Butler headphone amp. I know there are many among us who have connections and access to info that others of us may not. Third, I'd like to establish this "official thread" for Butler Audio here on head-fi. 


Please see the following information for more details about the company, products, and Mr BK Butler himself. I'm also listing the company email address in case anyone wishes to obtain more info or obtain status updates. And again, please post updates if you come across any further info! 



Butler Audio email:


Home Page:

About the Company:

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