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I want to do this - thanks for what you've posted here, very interesting. My only question for now is after shorting the caps as you've shown, what are you soldering the new caps to? The old shorted leads? This is what I have not been able to determine in reading about the Zxr cap mods.

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Shortening is needed only where it shown as shortening. Then just solder new caps "legs" to the old caps, germanium explained that new caps will override old one (i don't fully understand this but he is the man who understand how it flows) so just keep polarity in mind and solder new caps legs to old ones under the board.

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The caps we use for this mod aren't polarized, at least none of the caps anyone so far has used and posted about.


Oh and look what I got to review from Burson Audio:



I am seeing if they will send me out the 2nd stage also, (V5-OPA-S is what goes in the other socket). 

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At least germanium told me to look at writings on caps and use it for choosing right "polarity" though it is not truly polarized.

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I am only interested in upgrading the stereo fronts, not surround. Will I still need 7 caps or less because of that? Also, it appears Germanium (and yourself) doubled up on the caps for the fronts - it that so and why? Thanks!

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Didn't realize how old my thread is here. Almost three years old. A"out the polarity of the caps I used, yes these are nonpolarized but it is best to tie the outer foil to ground to reduce noise. No other reason than that. Direction of writing indicates outer foil, tail end of writing is the lead that is attached to outer foil.
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Also good to note with caps like I used (ERSE PluseX), be careful with the leads because they can/will break off and you'll either have to solder the lead to the cap (like I did) or buy another one.

I wanted to share my new review of the Burson Audio V5-OPA and V5i Series op-amps since this thread played a role in me being selected by Burson Audio.

Wanted to give some credit to Germanium for opening the door for what is about to come. Soon you'll see a "ZoSo's SMD Op-Amp ZXR Tear Out" thread!


For now here the review (still about 1/4 of it missing until I get replacement parts from Burson Audio):







The op-amps you see that are surface mount (circled in red and green), I will be changing those with BB OPA604AU's all around.



(Every image/video you see used in my reviews/posts/website/forums are all taken by me and edited by me.)

This is the video I am trying to expand on to create a video review. I would welcome any ideas on ways to use the written review + this type of analysis to make a full-length video review of an op-amp series.



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WOW, just WOW NCSUZoSo nicely done!

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