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So I have an HM801 that is working, the USB support has died. I can get an extended warrenty for $100 and get a refrubished hm801, which I don't mind doing but I wonder if instead... 


My question is does Hifiman offer some kind of Upgrade credit to owners of the HM801 who want to get an HM901, Seeing as they are still selling the HM801 units I would hope so


Ultimatley how ever, if they do not I may still wind up selling my hm801 and buying the 901, but it would save me some time and trouble if HeadDirect offers to purchase old units from us, not so much as purchase but give us credit on teh purchse of an hm901 unit from them


Again, while I know it would be cheaper to re sell and then buy a Used hm901, I would like a chance work with customer service. Being an owner of 4 HifiMan products, I'm always curious to see if the Customer Service is on level with the quality of the headphones!