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Cans for Teaching Music Lessons

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Alright full-sized budget junkies, here are my needs:


1. Isolation - I'll be using these for drum lessons so they need to block out a good bit of extraneous noise AND keep sound leakage to a minimum.


2. Comfort - Circumaural is preferred. May be wearing these for hour-long sessions at a time and would rather not have to worry about how my ears hurt. (P.S. my ears are on the large side)


3. Price - Cheap.


4. SQ - Since listening for analytical reasons won't be happening as much, they don't have to have mind-blowing SQ. Although yes, that would be nice.


5. Adjustable - It'd be great if they would fit both my big noggin and that of the middle school kids I work with. Had some Tascam TH-02s that are up for sale because at their smallest they're still too big for non-adult heads. 


I've read up and it seems like some good options are:


Superlux 668B

Samson 850

Koss ProDJ

Goldring 150


Any comments or suggestions certainly are welcome.

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Superlux 668B, Samson 850 and Goldring 150 are open cans they will leak sound out and in. Koss ProDJ100? I have briefly listened them but not very impressed.


Check our Audio-Technica M40fs as I remember they are also drummer version and normal version.

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