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Cable Help Please

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I'm looking for a very short 3.5mm male to male cable with slim connectors that will fit through my iphone case.  My case is such that modifying it with a dremel significantly compromises the integrity of my particular case so I don't want to trim it.  I looked on the web for patch cables and did a search on the forum here and was very surprised when I wasn't able to find any short ones 3 inches or less with slim connectors. I have a 7mm hole in the case...a lot of headphones cables fit but my Fiio cable doesn't.  I don't have a soldering iron or wire strippers so I was really hoping to find a finished cable since I'm strapped for cash and can't afford the tools right now but I do need my songs right now haha. Conundrum. I would really appreciate any help, thanks

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If you buy a cheap cable with plastic plugs usually not all the plug is needed. So it'd just be a matter of carefully cutting away the excess material with a knife.

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