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Seeking new IEM to replace long time V-Moda Vibe Duo user

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Hey a new user (brace yourselves)....

I'm a V-moda Vibe Duo user since about 2007 and listen to all genres of music but lean a little to rock and house. I must've replaced these IEM over 5 times - almost once per year. That may sound bad however I used these IEM on just about anything and everything with a 3.5 MM jack in all types of conditions. I'm well aware of the build quality isuse these IEM could have but considering how bad I beat them, 1 year average is good. Searching the forums pulls up old posts and I'm sure the Vibe's are now "outdated" by more recent IEM. Pluse it seems they don't seem to be very popular.

Recently the Vibe Duo is becoming harder to replace and the asking price for new ones on Amazon.com are going back up to its original $100+ price if not sometimes more. I'm not an audiophile but I swear these are the best sounding headphones I've had and trying to find a replacement is becoming a mission. I'm all over the place and tried out Skullcandy Ink'd, Klipsch S4i, Bose MIE2 and currently trying out the RHA MA-750i. My budget is is a maximum of $150 - less the better. Also it must have a mic seperate from the spliter - doesn't matter if there's controls as I'll be using it on a Galaxy Note 3.

I have not tried the V-Moda Remix I read sound better but build quality and mic placement takes a hit.

Skullcandy Ink'D to me sound good but something about the material they used for the ear tips gives off this "snapping" sound that is really uncomfortable. Model I have also doesn't have a mic.

Klipsch S4i (ver. 1) sounded ok but did not have the same noise isolation the Vibe Duo had. I also thought I was going to break them within minutes. The lines were skinnier, mic was on the spliter (which is pointless IMO) and plastic all over. Compared that these cost $100 - same as the V-moda at the time - I expected way more. The Vibe I had was 45-degree angled jack, mesh wires, proper mic placement and metal at the spliter, mic and earbuds.

Bose MIE2 eartips don't work on me and as such didn't isolate noise well. They also didn't get as loud plus I question its durability.

RHA MA-750i I'm currently trying out is leaving me with mixed feelings. The build is flat out amazing. I am confident they'll last and the 3 year warranty (vs. the Vibe Duo's 1 year) just makes it better. The 750i sounds clearer so much that I think I hear more from my music than I did on the Vibe however I can't tell if thats because I'm paying more attention. I think however the 750i lacks this "punch" I know the Vibe had and sound mostly flat. I want to say the bass on the Vibe was punchy enough but didn't overwhelm the mids and the treble. I'm trying each tip as much as I can and starting to notice they have more of an impact on sound quality. Basically I'm not headbanging as much as I did with the 750i as I did with the Vibe Duo. Comfort is also starting to become affected though as I have to jam the 750i into my ear more than I'm used to. As such they start to hurt after a several minutes of use. I'm currently trying to use the added clip along with hopefully find the right tip to fix the comfort issue.


Hopefully I made some sense and you hanged in there long enough to read this wall of text. Still looking around is pointing to me that I might as well reorder the Vibe Duo regardless of the price or even the model without the mic. The thing is that since its Amazon.com - its like a crapshoot on which revision of the Vibe I will get in the mail - either the "bad" version with the straight jack and plastic lines, or the "good" version with the 45 degree jack with mesh lines.

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Am I beyond saving? lol
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