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Amp decisions

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I currently own a pair of Sennheiser HD 439s and besides the lack of ear pressure I can't complain. I use it mainly for music and single player gaming, its the little sounds I can pick up that really amaze me. I play played Mark of the Ninja and one time I turned because I thought someone was next to me. Naturally the audio from my TV is not loud enough to melt my brain. so I wanted to invest in a simple amp to boost my surround sound experience. 

 I saw an earforce DSS 7.1 real cheap on Amazon are they any good? are surround sound amps really worth investing in?

 Any advice from the community is welcomed 

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If all you want is to upgrade your surround sound experience, without a care for your audio quality, then the DSS would be nice. However, do not expect audio quality increase, it doesn't work that way.
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the DSS or Fiio E5 whiich would you recommend?

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Well I would recommend the E5 actually, especially for listening to music. But isn't surround sound what you're looking for?
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yeah, im trying to get best out of my tv. my music experience is pretty solid.

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Then I guess the DSS would be better. E5 doesn't help at games.
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