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Do you think it feasible to have...?

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Do you think it feasible to have audiophile source material companies expand into the phone making industry? Having audiophile targeted phones? Or do you think that, at least for time-being, the costs would outweigh the benefits?

Companies such as iBasso, Cowon, Fiio, etc......

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I don't think the market is big enough for those companies to start making audiophile phones. Most people are just casual music listeners and aren't as concerned with how the music sounds. I could see a current cell phone company offering a version of a phone that they keep a limited supply of that have extra DAC or amplification components for a higher price, that are sponsored by one of the companies you mentioned. That's about as far as I can see it going though. The costs would be way too high to just start up a factory that produces a phone that will have a low demand.

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A proper DAC will need a proper output stage and amplifier circuit, and that will cost space on the circuit board and a lot more power from the battery. As in iPod 30hr battery vs S:Flo 8hour battery, on a phone that drains battery being on LTE and receiving all those Twitter updates about what your friends are having for lunch near their offices. You'd end up with a satellite-phone sized brick when you can just have a thin smartphone in one pocket and relatively compact dedicated player in another (or a DAC-Amp at your desk that you can easily slip into a bag and is iDevice digital certified or compatible with Android OTG USB audio).

Do Xperia phones even have the S-Master amplifier? (from what I understand, is that a true direct digital DAC-Amp design?)

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HTC + Beats Audio..


no but seriously.. is the Xperia any good? Is it worth it? I been thinking about picking it up.

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There are several huge hurdles in the handset making business. The first is getting your handset certified to operate in each country. Even if you concentrated only on the USA, the certification process is extremely onerous. The second HUGE hurdle is getting your handset accepted by the networks. You can't just dump a handset on the market and expect to start selling it to AT&T, Verizon & Sprint customers. The third big hurdle is that the actual wireless chipsets used in the handsets to do CDMA, 4G, etc are NOT cheap. There simply aren't that many companies that produce those chipsets: Qualcomm, Sierra Wireless and few others - and they own & protect that intellectual property like the US Secret Service. If you want to play in their sandbox, you have to PAY - an no one is going to do that unless they know there is a market. I suspect the best someone like Fiio or iBasso could do is try to partner with an existing handset maker - but why would either of them want to do that?
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