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Apple EarPod alternatives?

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I think I lost my Apple Earpods, which gives me an oppurtunity to get proper earphones! 


Outside of Earpods, my only other earbuds have been Apple earphones (garbage) and $10 Sony in-ear canal (also garbage).  When i had the in-ear canal buds, i did not like the feeling.  I felt like i was underwater, and sometimes when i would have lunch while listening to music i would hear myself chewing - also they were easy to pull out if the cord was tugged on even slightly so it was super annoying. Then i got the Earpods, which was 100x than the old Apple earbuds and in-ear canal. I concluded that i dont like in-ear canal.


Since then ive fallen into the Headphone valley first with UE6000's, then with an Aune T1 w/ 6922 tube and HifiMan HE-400.  Wondering what the equivalent is for earphones?

Ive heard RE-400s are nice, but i think id like a set of "fun" earphones - aka with some nice bass since ill be using them either for running/working out/office and going to need them as a pick me up.  


I'm open to giving in-ear canal another chance, any opinions on good portable solution? Budget...~$100, more if its worth it,



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If you want more earbuds, try yuin pk1 or 2, otherwise klipsch s4`s are a good place to start, shure se215 will almost max out your budget but they have both great sq and isolation so you can give those a try if you don`t mind the fiddly fit.

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