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For Sale: Woo Audio HPS-T & HPS-H Headphone Stands

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For Sale:
Woo Audio HPS-T & HPS-H Headphone Stands

Will Ship To: CONUS


So I have these two Woo Audio Headphone stands for sale because I got one that I like more as a gift from a friend. They are both black and in perfectly mint condition as they were bought less than 2-4 months ago. I am asking for $65 for the HPS-T and $25 for the HPS-H and I will be paying for shipping. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of it right now but they are basically the same as the pictures you would find on the woo audio site as they are that new and have no scratches or anything of the sort.

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I'll take the double stand model HPS-T. Please PM me your paypal address.  



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Sale pending on both.

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I guess I should have sent a Pm.  My loss.  Oh well wasn't meant to be.

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The ID 10 T that I am, I just ordered a new one in silver from the Woo web site.  That's pay back baby!

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Well, regardless of whether it was a pm or a post on this thread, I checked to see who was first.

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No worries my friend, I was pissed at me, not you.  


Be well,



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