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Headphone lwith sound similar to UM Merlin

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Getting on and off my beloved CIEMs in the office became a pain in the... (you know where), so I decided that I need to buy a well isolating headphone (without any leak outside), so nobody get's frustrated with my music, but if necessary (and it is often!) I can fast and easily answer to anyone.

I've read through a lot of threads, but I never found an answer to my question - is there any headphone with a sound signature similar to the Merlins? One thing I would change is the quantity of sub/mid bass to a bit more (I want to feel it!).

It would be driven by the iRiver H320 + E11 (in the near future probably X5).

Thank you in advance for any feedback.
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The Denon D600 seems pretty controversial here on forums, but I should be able to audition them in our local store.

Other phones that I'll be able to check in stores:
- Ultrasone HFI-580 (780 would be probably to bass-light)
- Beyerdynamic DT770 80 ohm
- Sennheiser Momentum (but read something about fit issues)
- Philips L1 (but it's semi-open...)
- Ultrasone Signature Pro, DJ (way out of my budget, but if I like them a lot, do I really need to eat for a month? wink.gif

What do you think?

Right now I own only the HD380. Would all the above headphones be a good upgrade over them?
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with the momentum it's easy to find stores which will let you demo them. the main issue is that it only fits over ear if you have small ears (i do and it's quite comfy)


all the headphones listed above are an upgrade over the HD380 except that they vary a lot in sound signature. the ultrasone is quite bright, momentum are neutral-ish and the philips are much darker


you could also add the AKG K550 assuming you have a good fit on them

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The Mad Dogs seem also pretty interesting. Do you think they bass would fit my needs?

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I had the mad dogs and the Merlin's (at different times so going from memory)
I am fairly sure they won't have enough of the bass you are looking for. Though they are one of my favourite headphones.
I also found they leak a little. Not a huge amount but enough if the person next to you is painful lol.

Have you considered the vmoda m100. Try are very sparkly up top and the bass hits hard and extends low.
These are the headphone I use in exactly your situation haha. I find yanking my mentors in and out all the time is not only annoying but after a whilw hurts my ears
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Thanks for your feedback. After testing a lot of HPs (Shure SRH1540, Sennheiser HD8 DJ, Ultrasone Signature DJ, Pro900, HFI580, Fidelio L1) I decided to stay with the Beyerdynamic DT770 80 Ohm (just ordered them for the 2nd time) - nice sound, very comfy and already planning to recable them.
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