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So.. i have a total 450 bucks to spend on my audio setup.



1. Recommendation on best value(performance/price ratio) sound quality 2.1 pc speakers 

2. Which one will give the best quality for 2.1 speakers?

Onboard audio from mobo  /  Usb to DAC  /  Dedicated Sound card


*My mobo is Asus m5a99x r2.0 evo with DTS Connect and DTS UltraPC II 7.1




3. Will good headphones ,like ath m50 , in general sound better than 2.1 speakers at around the same price point?


*This will decide if i should get a headphone or not @@


4. What is amp? Do i need it and how much does a good one cost?

5. Is there any other things i need for better audio? :D



I have $250 to spend on audio setup. Tell me which item should i buy after feb, i will be able to get $200 more to spend on audio stuffs.

2.1 speakers is a must for me.

headphone & usb to dac/ sound card & amp pls decide for me if i need it or not. 

*Portability is unnecessary for all stuffs mentioned here.

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