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Can Con 4! Sydney, Australia Meet! - Page 4  

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Just an update, the venue is booked and set. (EPPING)
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Looking forward to it!! :-)


So are we meeting on May 4? what's the place/time?

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Same location at Epping?


I'm pretty keen!

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Just got some M50s, TMA-1 and V-MODA M80s to have a Newcastle demo with some friends and hopefully other interested parties, with the intention of onselling (90% likely) if I don't really find myself intrigued. If anyone wants to play with that sort of thing I can possibly hold of putting them up for sale until after the 4th. 

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Oh gosh!


I'm very excited to hear this is going ahead again and everything is booked.


Please put me down as a yes! :3


I will have a better idea of what I can bring closer to the event.


I would also love to potentially do a bit of documentation of the event for my Youtube channel if people are okay with that... 


I'll also try to get my contacts at Audio Technica and Sony to see if they would be interested in joining in the fun.

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A recording, Would you also be able to do a proper review of the meet as well? ^^
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Yes but I must dangle from the ceiling like a spider, watching and knowing all!!!

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i would like to go to this meet

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Thought that I'd just tell people that there's a $20 entry fee which covers venue hire as well as food+drinks :)

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You serious? If so that's more than reasonable

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Originally Posted by spurxiii View Post

You serious? If so that's more than reasonable


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I'm in!


I can bring a




AKG K400

Alessandro MS Pro

Audio Technica W10VTG

Beyer DT1350

Denon D5000

Sennheiser HD580



FiiO X3

Sflo:2 (For sale~~)








Anyone has a LD mk6 or 8? *please*

Also would not mind listening to the PS1 again... *drools*

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I can bring:

AT A900X

AKG K550


Beyer 1350 (if required)

Fiio E07K


Does anyone have a Shure SRH1540? I wish they weren't such a pain to come across.

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Cheers for the invite syNRG!

I'll be there along with clemmyn23 who's awaiting admin approval for his account.



Etymotic hf5 (clemmyn23's)

Sennheiser IE80

Audio-Technica m50 coiled

Sennheiser HD650

Sennheiser HD800


Schiit Asgard (1st gen)



I remember the Invicta from last time, it'll be great to drool over it again :)


Looking at getting a Bifrost soon & WA2 further down the line so if anyone's got access to either I'd love to hear them 

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Long time lurker, but made an account today just for this reason.


As per viper0700's post above, I'll bring my Etymotic HF5 to the meetup.

And also to see what's out there, coming from a purely IEMs background.. Been looking to get some full sized headphones for a while.


Looking forward to it!

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