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Here it is everybody - the thread of Can Con 4.5!

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I'm in Merrylands too, next to Granville park. 

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should we have Can Con 4.75? Who would be interested?

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I'm always up for it
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I am definitely interested but i am going overseas next week for 3 weeks.
Does anyone here have a asg2, 2.5, um pro 50 or w50??
Or anything similar?
I have a rsa mustang p-51, amb labs y2 dac, fiio E11 and a mini-to-mini and lod which are viablue and custom. A akg Q701 and a broken westone 3 (one of the tips broke, the other side is working)
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I am thinking tentatively 1pm to 7:30pm on the Sunday the 12th of October. I also need a volunteer. syNRG did such a wonderful job of running the thread and would appreciate if someone (syNRG if you are available?) could help me out the same.


Kind regards,


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Happy to help if syNRG for any reason is unable to.

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It's great to see all this head-fi activity in Sydney.

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I'm be happy to manage the thread :L3000:. Would we like to make a new one or rename this one?


Not sure if I'll be able to go though. The uni semester is coming to an end at that point so I need to see if I'll be available at that time. Looks like we're in for another great time :bigsmile_face:

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We should make a new thread please.

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Done and done.


Keen on seeing how many people come and what gear people bring.

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I have created the Can Con 5 thread. Please head over there to register your interest and the gear you will be bringing.

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