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hi guys, 


I'm thinking of building O2 amp myself and I only need the essential PCB 


however ordering from JDS directly, the shipping (to Malaysia) itself pricier than the item


I'm not sure if this is the correct place to ask, is the PCB sold on ebay reputable? it's slightly expensive but lower than JDS shipped..


thank you

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Hi everyone. My o2/odac rev-b has fallen off the table and the USB connection (female) came off. I took it to a shop and he welled it in place. But wen I plug it in my computer the windows doesn't recognizes the ODAC . I tried contacting the O2 alone but there's some noise in the sound I couldn't bare.
Did anyone had this same issue?
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I'm pretty sure the USB female plug wasn't perfectly welded/soldered onto the PCB. You need to provide some pictures with the "affected" PCB, if possible, or at least find another shop to do again that soldering.


Also, if PCB is really broken where the mini-USB female plug was soldered, then might be easier to purchase a good quality USB cable, to cut it from one side and to directly solder it to the PCB. You can leave out the small mini-USB B-type female plus or whatever female-USB you want.


Good luck!

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I got the o2 amp a few days ago. My HD600´s sound very detailed and nice. But there could be a bit more bass in some music.

Sometimes I miss the fullness of sound especially in Rock Music.


I´m from Germany so my english is not the best. Sorry for that.

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Originally Posted by kcdecker View Post

...Being that if I were to start thinking about the engraving, I'd drive myself crazy for weeks trying to think of what to engrave...

I am in the very same situation. Thinking about it for over a week already..

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Does anyone find that the volume doesn't increase from 3 o'clock to max? Why is this?
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Actually it does increase a little bit, but that's a normal behaviour for a logarithmic potentiometer. Around 12 o'clock you should have around 10-15% of the max volume and around 3 o'clock you should probably have about 90% of the volume or even more. :)




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