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I have had a set of LCD-X phone for about 3 months now and must admit they are possibly the best headphones I have yet encountered.  All my objections to full cans, that is listening fatigue in all its manifestations, soundscape, tonal balance, transparency, and just plain audio fun are all there.  This seems to have been a very good and pleasurable investment.  I think of them as baby Magnepans (thanks Jim Winey)

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Nice to hear you like your LCD-X.  For more comfort why not try the vegan pads.  I love using them :gs1000smile:

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vegan are much better comfort.  bit better sound too.

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OK a silly question: How did you get the rubber neoprene inserted under the ear pads? Do they just lift up on the insideso you can slip the rubber under there? I would totally freak out if I ruined my LCD3s doing something like this. I thought the earpads were bonded with very strong double-sided tape? The tips of ears already touch the inside of the earcups at times even without the fazors (I have LCD-C).

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Are the "vegan" pads harder to keep clean than the leather pads?

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vegan are more comfortable no question and i think they have a slightly smoother sound but not by much.  as far as keeping them clean i am not sure yet since they are new but I am imagining a warm damp cloth probably takes off anything that accumulates on it and for sure you could pull them off and give them a bath with some soap and then stick them back on.  the double sided tape just be careful to remove with it staying on the headphone side.  i was more concerned about the leather maintenance to be honest.  I have a pair of T5p at work that are covered in sunscreen which doesn't like to come off. 

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oh and to answer your question... they are taped on but there is a flap on them so even taped down they have a space you can fit some rubber between which is the entire width of the pad.  my ears don't touch but i have some neoprene sheet I might experiment with just to see if it improves the sound.  sound is already very good though, not sure how much it could help.

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Thanks for the tips! I'm going to try this as soon as my LCD-Xs arrive :)

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Originally Posted by inter voice View Post

As the weather is getting warm in the UK and I have just received a pair of vegan earpads from Audeze that I purchased from them directly.  The installation was relatively easy and it just took me 15 mins to complete the change.  The vegan earpads are very soft and comfortable to wear.  They are black in color and match well with  the color of LCD-X.  Here are the photos before and after the change.



I noticed you managed to get black vegan pads, these aren't available on the accessories section of Audeze's website (they are only in brown). I was wondering if you did anything special to get these, or if they are no longer offering them. Thanks!

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I just called them and asked for black and they did it...

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Awesome, thanks. I might do that myself if the leather pads turn out to be no good.

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Leather are good, just the suede are more comfortable and I believe they have a better sound.

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I believe it! I did the same thing to my ATH M-50 at one point, velour really is the best. Thanks for the help, maybe I'll post some updates once I try the same thing

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Does the problem of a driver (fazor) of LCD-/X/XC/3 touching and hurting ear inside the cup still persist?


If so, does Neoprene rubber ring mod/stuffing pads to make them thicker/replacing pads solve the problem? How's the comfort with the mod? Does it impact sound-quality? 

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