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Hi Head-Fi, crew! 


I'm brand new to the forum and, after perusing through as many forum posts as I could before joining, here's my first post introducing myself, my current set-up, and a call for your opinions on a few turntables. 


In the past few months I've upgraded my system from just a MacBook Pro (2013, 13", Retina) and an Apple TV to: 


Hardware / Gear: 

MacBook Pro (2013)

Apple TV (3rd gen)

Grado SR80's

FiiO E11

Peachtree Decco 65

B&W 685's

Sony BDP-7100 CD/BluRay



Sonic Studio's Amarra

Audirvana Plus

iTunes (used as needed to stream mp3's wirelessly as a last resort, sonically, from a dedicated 2008 gen MacBook Pro brick)



Audioquest Forrest USB (between MacBook Pro and Peachtree)

Basic, store supplied speaker cables and interconnects


1) I'd really appreciate any feedback on this system, my first ever. 


2) While I'd like to upgrade my CD/BluRay player so that I can play SACD's and get the most out of DVD audio, I'm first considering introducing a turntable and a phono preamp into the above system. 


3) The turntable I'm leaning towards, more than any other, that allows for some funds leftover to start purchasing some vinyl is the seemingly radically affordable and decent entry-level U-Turn Audio Orbit Basic:


Would anyone here (ridiculous question, I know), highly discourage that purchase to step $300+ up to the Rega line of 'tables? 


4) In terms of a phono preamp that would play well with my Peachtree Decco 65, I'm leaning towards the NAD PP2i (, though there is also the Bellari VP130 ( that appears to be a strong contender in my entry level leanings. 


I principally listen to hi-res digital files for my favorite classical and jazz recordings and rely on CD's for the many opera, classical, and jazz recordings not available at anything higher than 16/44.1, etc. 


5) Are there affordable speaker cables and other interconnects that you pro's of the audiophile realm would recommend I step up to at this point? Would I notice a difference upgrading any particular cable over another, say speaker cables vs. other interconnects? 


I'll leave it at that, for now. 


Nice to meet you all and, in advance, thanks for your recommendations and feedback!