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Can't turn my J3 on

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Help!  I dropped my J3 last night and its power button kinda locked up and sank. It is still turning on if I charge it, so I believe my J3 is still fine, except for that power button.

How can I fix this? Suggestions please... 

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What's a "J3"??

Oh - wait - a Cowon J3? OK, on some devices, sometimes a button can get stuck under the lip of the faceplate. If you push down and then flick the button back toward the center, you might be able to pop it back out. Sometimes...
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Yes, it's a Cowon J3. Thanks for the reply.

I tried it but didn't work. I guess I have to really pry it open. :(

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Is your Cowon still under warranty? Why not email for an RMA? 

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