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The Astell and Kern AK240 Impressions Thread - Page 149

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I am sure this was already discussed but has anyone compared the 240 to the 380 what are advantages ? was the sound that much better ?

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I am running out of storage space on the device so I decided to give a shot to MQS Server but just realized with one of the updates since I got the player MQS button is gone. I installed the MQS server on the computer, server is running. I found AK Connect but when I refresh the list on the player, the server does not show up. Both the server and player are connected to same wireless network. Any advise on how to do this?


It is unfortunate AK does not update user manuals for upgraded firmwares.


edit: Just saw that MQS server must be connected via cable to the router. I think this is the problem.

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Absolutely stunning device and shines with my k3003s. 

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Has anyone else experienced some mild popping every few seconds (kind of like LP grain/noise) when running as USB dac? I cant seem to isolate the issue... My best bet at this point is that its down to USB connections in general just being somewhat poor, but I dont have the issue with other dacs, even though with the AK its relatively consistent across computers.

At first it seemed related to the EQ - it was less frequent when it was off. But now I've narrowed it down to some USB cables being more prone than others (my white samsung cable being the worst) but all can do it every now and then. I've never experienced a USB dac being that sensitive. I'm wondering if something like a JitterBug could help, though I doubt it.


AK's support has so far been unable to assist sadly. It seemed to me that it started after the latest update, but I'm not entirely certain...

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Just a thought, but are you using the supplied USB cable?  You mention the Samsung being the worst.  If there's a variation in cables, then perhaps search for a cable that has minimum or no popping.  

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I am enjoying having TIDAL on my 240SS, but I hope there is a further update by A&K. The gapless function doesn't appear to work with TIDAL, so there are extended gaps, clicks, and other such weirdness between tracks, but not on a consistent basis.


As to the form factor of the 240, I prefer the smaller size and the angular design, though, the new stainless steel 380 has me salivating. :D

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