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Sony Qualia Headphones

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Hey guys, every once and a while i see sony qualia headphones pop up on ebay with various names/ model numbers describing what they are.

this is the most expensive set i have seen, and i was wondering, why so expensive, and do they even sound that good?

also this one had maroon/brown ear pads. this is the first i have seen without bright red or bright blue pads. what is the significance of this?


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They are rare, that is for sure. I think that accounts more for the price than anything. I'm not sure that those earpads aren't the standard red ones, but appear to have faded and/or the photos are poor. 


I had the chance to borrow a pair once, but I couldn't get a good enough fit to experience whatever they were supposedly capable of. Depending who you talk to they were either amazing (once you got a good fit) or were rubbish.

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