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UE10 Pro Replacement Cable?

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Any suggestions for the best replacement cable  (in terms of sound) for these IEMs?


There are a gazillion cables out there for IEMs, but the UE10 Pros are a very analytical IEM so a bit of softness and coloring might be the ticket with these, so any suggestions appreciated, esp of you have the same IEMs and have tried a few cables with them.



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I don't have the UE10s, but I've got both JH5s and JH11s, and I've really enjoyed them with the Beat Audio Bugle (


If I were to get new ones, I'd either go with the Double Helix Symbiote Fusion


Other highly recommended cables are Toxic Cables (I forget the specific one) and I really enjoyed the cable I had from Ted's Headfood for my iBasso for balanced use

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The only 4 companies I would probably look at personally for cables are Forza Audioworks, Double Helix Cables, Ted/Headphone Lounge, or Moon Audio. 

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