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For Sale: Squeezebox Touch

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For Sale:
Squeezebox Touch

Will Ship To: UK, maybe EU

You'll be getting

A Squeezebox Touch.

The power supply (with UK plug).

An Sbooster switch-mode upgrade box thingy ( This is apparently awesome, but I couldn't tell the difference...


You won't be getting

The original packaging - but it will be very well packed when I post it to you. I have a lot of bubble-wrap.

The remote.


Why am I selling it?

I've barely used it since I bought it. I've either: used a CD player, amp and speakers; not really listened to music; used a laptop/PC and DAC.

I'm hoping/assuming that someone will get more use from it than I ever have.



It works (over RCA, ethernet, wifi and SPDIF. Never used TOSLINK or USB). The display is as good as when as I bought it. It's had all the updates. It's had a factory reset.



£55. I'll cover Paypal fees and track-and-trace postage within the UK. If you're outside the UK (or live on one of those out of the way places in the UK that require an additional postage fee), I'll need some sort of contribution - probably 50:50...

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